Breezy: Browse Easy


It’s no secret that the browsing experience isn’t perfect. Often, whether we’re online shopping, searching reviews, mindlessly clicking through links, we notice that before long, we have a dreaded mountain of tabs building atop our browser.


The problem is that with the current interface, users are forced to commit to every link with very little prior knowledge about the contents of that website. Is the new website interesting to them? Does it correlate to what they’re actually looking for?

Introducing Breezy, a Chrome zoom extension

My partner & I redesigned for a more seamless web browsing experience: encouraging exploration & allowing users to find the content they wanted more efficiently. Targeting the constant overuse of CTRL + click, we knew there must be a better way. Users can now gain an interactive preview of a webpage before they commit, increasing the probability of accessing webpages that are relevant to them. After a certain amount of time of engaged interest, the interface will automatically redirect the user to the new webpage.

Take a look and watch the demo for yourself!