Arabian Nights: A Graphical Exploration

Inspiration & Overview:

I was sitting in my Discrete Structures & Probability class for a lecture on graph theory. As my professor discussed the power of graphs to depict relationships, I realized that graphs would be a perfect application to chart the connections and relations present among and within the stories of Arabian Nights. In addition, I was particularly inspired by the work of Nicholas Felton, a renowned infographic designer that weaves numerous measurements and data into visual forms to identify trends that would not be apparent otherwise.


As I re-read the stories of Arabian Nights, for each story, I collected data I thought would be pertinent to identifying new trends (i.e. Affairs & class differences, # of Male/Female characters). Ultimately, making the graphs took a lot of consideration in determining what visual presentation would represent each category the best.

Final Product:


Ultimately, this data visualization project was probably one of my favorite projects I've done at Brown. I felt liberated being able to combine my logical and creative mindset in a new way that made me explore my passions for graphic design and literature. From these graphs, I was able to uncover a lot of insights from the stories I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Feel free to check out my paper about my findings here!